Giggles, Grins, and Belly Laughs

Language Arts Resources, Middle School Classroom

“Snip, snip, giggle, snip.” A few kids turned around while I was talking about the test that is scheduled for next week. “Snip snip.” I didn’t see the scissors, but I did see the grin.

“Good morning, sir,” I smiled at him. “May I ask what you are cutting?”

He held up a menu, neatly cut into three pieces. Behind the menu was his big smile.

Let me step back a moment. During the first semester of the year, we worked through parts of speech as our grammar skill. After many assignments, quizzes, and flipped classroom videos so they could learn at home, I had students work in groups as a final culminating project to demonstrate their knowledge. For the project, students had to create restaurant menus and label certain amounts of the different parts of speech. They needed to include interesting-named food entrees, sides, beverages, etc on a colorful menu, without forgetting, of course, a creative restaurant name.

At our restaurant grand opening party (oh yeah!) students presented their menus to some very hungry customers (cough cough students). That day, there was a group that made a fast-food themed restaurant where every food item on their menu was smothered, dipped, soaked, or fried in grease. They really did great with their verbs! During their sales pitch, I laughed so hard I cried. Honestly. Middle schoolers are so funny!

Another group of boys named their fancy steakhouse Forknife. Due to the Fortnite video game craze, their restaurant was a hit (rightfully so)! As I passed back their graded menus today, one student began to cut his apart. All his group members were so proud of their assignment that they wanted to share their finished project. So, 1/3 of a menu was all they had, but a belly laugh from their teacher was the result!

My wish for you, as we begin 2019, is that your job makes you laugh more than it makes you cry.

If you can’t think of anything nice to say, you’re not thinking hard enough.

Kid President

One of my favorite little dudes of all time, Kid President, said that great statement. I’ve modified it for today: If you can’t think about anything to laugh about, you’re not thinking hard enough. Giggle on! Enjoy yourself!

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