The Luncheon of the Century

Middle School Classroom

What do cookies, playing Uno, singing karaoke into a banana, and a conga line all have in common? They all happened in my classroom today during lunch. And I have to admit, I think it was the luncheon of the century

I have so many great students. There are so many students who are always kind, responsible, and respectful. There are so many that are always prepared for class and never talking over someone else. There are so many that are always paying attention.

I have Starbucks cards that I hole punch when kids are doing noteworthy things (I will make another post about this sometime), but I felt like the little prizes the students received once their card filled up just wasn’t quite enough to thank some of them for how awesome they are.

So, I created an All Star list, where I invited these awesome students to my classroom to have a lunch party with me. I knew they’d be excited, but I received thank you cards, “can’t wait til Friday’s,” and “I’m soooo excited to hang out with you!” from so many of my kids I wasn’t even expecting!

Each student that I invited (26 total) received one of these notes along with an all-star lunch pass in a secret envelope earlier in the week!

So, the lunch period came today (and went too quickly). We started by all eating our lunches and chatting. It was so much fun to just get to know some of my quieter kids more. Then, I invited them back to the treat table, where chocolate chip cookies, cupcakes, honey buns, and chips were in great plenty! They loved this.

Before long, many kids began playing board games that they brought and we had a sing-along to some Frozen songs. One of my students ran around the classroom dancing, and we mostly just laughed [with] him. This quickly turned into a karaoke party, where one of my students took a banana to the stage (front of my classroom) and sang “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. Yes, about 5 boys momentarily hid under their desks. Yes, I ended up singing and dancing with her as she sang. And yes, by the end, a conga line had formed.

There are few times in my life when I feel like I’m in a movie, but this was truly one of them. I feel so lucky to be around these kids and make these awesome memories with them. I’ve never had a better highlight while being a teacher. My heart is full today!

2 thoughts on “The Luncheon of the Century

  1. Thanks for both being such a positive force in your students’ lives and for writing about it. It is so easy to fall into the morass of negativity and I think broadcasting this special moment is one way you are using your “cape” to be a super hero (to yourself, your students, and your readers).


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