A Note to My Tired Teachers

Pep Talks & Positivity

Cheers to you, my tired teacher friend! This message goes out to anyone in the teacher nation, who is now officially on (or close to) summer break. You have made it!

This year was a lot for you. I know that it was. You arrived early. You laminated everything. You graded a stack of papers on your back patio countless times, while simultaneously trying to paint your toenails. You handed out 248 band-aids, and 193 if them were for fingers that “hurt” but weren’t actually bleeding. You spent hundreds of dollars in the seemingly endless abyss that is the Target Dollar Spot. You lived on coffee, flavored water, and an occasional diet coke, which is ironic since you only had 1 bathroom break each day. You told 88 jokes, and for 82 of them, you were the only one who laughed. You jammed the copier 8 times, and 17 dry erase markers dried up because the caps were lost by students who shouldn’t have even been touching them in the first place. You handed out 571 pencils, and you received 11,397 emails. And, as we head into summer, your inbox is still pretty full.

And while that craziness happened, you also did some truly amazing things. You dried a child’s wet eyes 39 times. You lost 6 hours of sleep worrying about the student whose parents are going through a divorce. You gave 271 high fives to kids who needed encouragement. You helped resolve a friendship scuffle 8 times, ensuring no one sat alone at lunch. You skipped your own lunch 67 times to make sure your lessons were polished for your classes so your kids could learn most effectively. You wrote 35 positive notes home, you complimented a cool hair cut 59 times, and most importantly, you made children smile more times than you can count.

And, in return, their smiles put a smile on your very own face.

Whether you’re a veteran teacher, or a brand new one, this year brought new challenges along with new joys. The opportunity to inspire a love of learning in children is a heavy burden to bear, but one that you are happy to do. Some of your class sizes were growing, some of your leadership was unsupportive, and some of your events were understaffed. But you still made it through. And you did it for the kids. You did it for their precious smiles. And some day, I promise–whether it be in 11 years or 11 days–those kids’ smiles that you were responsible for will turn into little, but mighty, weapons to help them succeed. Congratulations on making it through another school year. You are tired, but oh dear teacher, you have done good. Your fatigue proves your success.

Please share with other teachers that you think “did good” this year! 

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